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Get All the Support You Need to Make Your Projects and Products Successful

Our Engineers and support staff are available to you for all of your project and product needs. We want you to have an easy experience when working with the Visionaery product line, and that's why we work so hard to create the best support for computer vision and AI solutions and integration.

Configuration Support

All of the VisionAery solutions come preconfigured when they are sent to you, but we understand that sometimes the base configuration is not the optimal and changes may be needed. We are here for you if you need help navigating the configuration of the software or hardware

Project Support
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Design Support

If you need help designing where your cameras should be placed for your use case, then let us design it for you. All we need is a KMZ file and supporting information about end user needs and software, an we can give you a design that will work for your use case

Remote Installation Support

For being a software company, VisionAery actually has many years of experience installing systems in the field. We can help you navigate the installaton procedures and best practices for your solution installation.


Engineering Support

Our engineers are here to support you during your projects with phone support and by remoting into the system you installed to finish set up and help with data integration. 

Product Support

All VisionAery analytics are supplied with the initial first three years of support. An additional 3-year support package may be purchased. Each support package supports a single camera/analytic license. Support license subscriptions do not reoccur automatically.


The support package includes the following:

  • Business hours telephone and email support

  • Access to bug reporting and tracking

  • Unlimited Hotfixes; Access to all software releases (Major and Minor)

  • Up to one data set training per year – Flare is mature and rarely needs training

Product Support
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