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Remote Site Inspection

Remote Site Inspection enables users to visually monitor and assess distant locations without physical presence. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, it provides real-time insights and automated reporting to optimize operations and enhance safety.

How It Works

Remote Site Inspection by VisionAery employs strategically placed cameras and edge server technology to remotely capture and assess critical site data. Cameras tour the site, capturing images at predefined points, which are then compiled into detailed PDF reports for users. This innovative approach minimizes physical visits, increases operational efficiency, and empowers users with real-time visual insights for informed decision making.


Key Features

Automated Site Surveys

  • The solution automates site tours using strategically positioned cameras, capturing real-time images from various vantage points to provide users with comprehensive visual data.

Efficient Resource Allocation

  • Remote site inspection reduces the need for physical visits, minimizing travel and associated costs.

Increased Safety

  • Enhance safety by significantly reducing the need for physical site visits, thus minimizing the associated safety risks from personnel traveling to remote locations.

Reduction in Truck Rolls and Emissions

  • By reducing the necessity for frequent truck rolls and on-site visits, VisionAery's Remote Site Inspection Solution helps companies minimize emissions and decrease their environmental footprint.

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Scalable Compatibility

Our solution offers flexibility in deployment, working seamlessly with both new and existing camera systems. By performing the remote site inspection and then generating the report directly on the edge server, we eliminate the need for extensive hardware upgrades. Whether customers choose to install new cameras or integrate with their current infrastructure, our solution streamlines the adoption process.


What People Are Saying

West Texas Customer

I was able to reduce my truck rolls by over 80% just because I could see my sites before I went out to the field that day.

South Texas Customer

We have been using Remote Site Inspection paired with some of the other VisionAery Apps, and we have streamlines so many of our monitoring requirements . Now operations can just focus on operating.

North Dakota Customer

Up here during the winter there are days when you can't make it to sites. So if you have a leak, you wont know until the snow melts or you take a chopper to the site. Now, we just get our reports like clockwork and we now what's going on.

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