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Deal Registration


All resellers are required to complete the deal registration process to be eligible to resell VisionAery product line. Reseller discount thresholds will be based on the reseller partner tier.

Upon Approval

Resellers with approved deal registration will receive comprehensive sales support throughout the opportunities lifecycle, aimed at enhancing their chances of securing the opportunity.

Approved deals will qualify for special pricing discounts based on the total registered units, designed to support competitive bids. 

Secondary partner submissions for the same opportunity, concerning the same end user and registered products, may also be eligible for a discount. However, this discount will be granted at half of the rate awarded to the first approved partner.

Approved deals will benefit from protected pricing for a duration of 6 months. Extensions may be granted upon request.

Reasons for Deal Registration Denial

The registering partner is not an authorized reseller of VisionAery

The opportunity does not meet the minimum order quantity of 10

Requests for Proposal (RFP's) and contracts are not eligible for deal registration

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