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Liquid Leak Detection

In industrial environments, the detection of liquid leaks and spills is not just a matter of responsibility; it's a crucial factor for safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. At Visionaery, we're revolutionizing leak detection through our advanced AI-driven solution tailored to industrial applications. Discover how our cutting-edge technology is transforming leak detection.​

Water Drops

How It Works

Our liquid leak detection solution harnesses the power of computer vision and AI analytics. Operating on the edge within industrial PCs, our technology utilizes specialized chipsets designed for efficient AI processing. This ensures real-time analysis without constant reliance on cloud connectivity, leading to minimal latency and rapid response times. Schedule a demo or submit your own video or image for a virtual proof of concept.

Key Features

Precise and Reliable Detection

  • Our solution stands out for its ability to minimize false positives. Through over 200 hours of raw footage training on puddles and meticulous fine-tuning, we ensure alerts are only triggered when genuine leaks are detected, enhancing the solution's overall reliability and usability.


  • Customers have the freedom to set customizable thresholds and settings, tailoring the solution to their specific operational requirements.

Day and Night Detection

  • Our analytic operates seamlessly in both daytime and nighttime conditions. Leveraging the visible spectrum during the day and the Near Infrared (Near IR) option at night, we offer round-the-clock monitoring capabilities.

Rain Detection and Mitigation

  • Rain-related false positives are mitigated through our innovative rain detection feature. By integrating a rain sensor and intelligently correlating alerts, our system distinguishes between rain puddles and potential leaks.

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What People Are Saying

West Texas Customer

We were impressed with how easy it was to deploy onto our existing cameras. That saved us a lot of money. Plus the solution has already caught multiple leaks, so it probably has already paid for itself in a short amount of time.

North Dakota Customer

I was skeptical at first because I had seen similar solutions in the past, but we haven't missed a leak yet. Worth every penny so far.

Australia Customer

We were manually inspecting over 300 sites everyday, but since having deployed the liquid leak solution, we have dropped our truck rolls significantly, and we haven't missed a single leak.

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Scalable Compatibility

Our solution offers flexibility in deployment, working seamlessly with both new and existing camera systems. By performing AI processing directly on the edge server, we eliminate the need for extensive hardware upgrades. Whether customers choose to install new cameras or integrate with their current infrastructure, our solution streamlines the adoption process.


Data Integration

With VisionAery, data is easy to integrate with your existing systems. You will have complete control over whether you need to convert the data into a specific format like MQTT, or input the data into your SCADA or Video Management System. Our goal is to be flexible around your systems, not the other way around.

Intelligent Alerts

You will have the ability to set custom alerts and send them to any of your devices. Send alerts to your phone, email, SCADA, VMS, and more with ease. Create custom alerts that help you track key data points that are important to your teams, and completely automate your monitoring with reliable alerting and historical data.

False Positive Mitigation


Equipment and Cloud Shadows

When we were building the liquid leak detection analytic, we knew that shadows were going to be a common issue for false positives. Knowing that we were going to have to train the AI neural network on "negative examples" of cloud and equipment shadows, we collected ample data of leaks that has shadows in the field of view. This allowed us to train the AI to recognize shadows as well as puddles, but instead of tracking them we trained it to ignore them.

Rain and Rain Puddle

Rain Sensor -As an option for rain mitigation, we can connect a local rain sensor that will turn off the liquid leak detection solution when it is raining.

Rain Puddles -Rain puddles are often present after rain, so we knew that we would need to find a way to have our AI ignore rain puddles but still detect leaks. We did this by adding a higher secondary detection threshold that will only trigger if the Rain Puddle starts to grow, indicating a leak has started. Once no liquid have been detected for over 30 minutes, the analytic will resume normal function.

Rain LLD Graph.jpg

Warm-Up and Cool-Down Timers

Warm-Up Timer -The Analytic has programmable warm up timers that will require a leak to be present for a certain amount of time before the alert will be sent. This helps mitigate false positives from motion and other momentary artifacts.

Cool-Down Timers -This is a programmable timer that you can set to mitigate alert fatigue when a leak is present. You will get one alert during that time, rather than an alert everytime it runs the tour.

Obstructions and Objects

Obstructions - Often times, the area of interest for leaks are behind equipment, and in order to detect them, you have to see past the obstructions. that's why we trained the neural network to recognize and exclude obstructions from the cameras field of view.

Objects -We specifically trained the analytic to only pick up on puddles of liquids. Therefore, anything that does not look like a liquid, such as a truck or person, will not set off the alerting of the analytic. 


Autonomous Monitoring

As with all VisionAery solutions, they were made to monitor your sites with out any human interface. The Liquid Leak detection solution is no different and it was designed to monitor your sites for liquid leak and spills 24 hours a day every single day. Because it can run on the edge, you don't even need a network connection to keep the solution running and collecting data. It will run continuously and autonomously 365 days a year.

Virtual Proof of Concept

Do you want to test our Liquid Leak Detection solution on some of your own footage? Upload a video using the button below and we will send you the results of our analytic running on your specific use case.

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