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VisionAery Edge Server

An Industrial Server Built to Run in the Most Challenging Environments.

VisionAery was created out of a need for AI computer vision analytics that would work and scale in industrial environments. We decided that the best way to fill that need was to run the highest quality apps on the most reliable hardware. We built our analytics on the hardware and platforms that would be reliable in the most rugged conditions on earth. 

Edge Compute Philosophy

We always knew we were going to have to be an edge first company. Often times, Industrial environments like oil and gas don't have enough wireless bandwidth to stream video to the cloud to run analytics. That is why we chose edge compute as our first and best choice.

  • Run analytics locally at the site, and only send back small bits of data or reports

  • Continue to collect and process data even when the network is down

  • Maintain a cap-ex purchase model with no subscriptions

  • Easier to set up and install

Computer Processor

Leading Edge Processor

VisionAery Standardizes on the Nvidia Jetson Orin Chip Sets so that our analytics have the highest speed processors to run them. When dealing with industrial data, everything is critical, and that's why you need your analytics to be fast and reliable. With our edge server options all powered by the Orin chips, you will always have plenty of horse power to run at the edge.

Essential and Essential+

Essential: 1-2 Analytics 

  • This is Best for getting analytics on your sites with a low cost barrier of entry but still have a high expectation for reliability.

Essential+: 2-6 Analytics

  • This is a great option for a light weight server that can manage a full suite of analytics per site. 

Essential- Essential+.png

Download Spec sheet 

Pro and Pro+ 1.png

Pro and Pro+ (Coming Soon)

Pro: 2 Analytics

  • This is another great option for AI if you need more functionality out of your edge server. The processor is the same as the Essential option, but this will have more RAM available.

Pro+: 4-8 Analytics

  • This is a great option for sites that have many analytic needs or if you want to connect multiple sites to the same server.

Download Spec sheet 

Enterprise (Coming Soon)

Enterprise - 12-16 Analytics

  • This is a great option for connecting multiple sites together and running analytics from a central point. The Enterprise solution is often located near a backhaul tower, a remote operations center, or at the company head quarters. The Enterprise option uses the AGX Orin chipset which has up to 275 TOPS and 64GB of RAM. 

Enterprise 2.png

Download Spec sheet 


What's Comes on Our Platform

Our platform comes with opensource tools that allow you to manage the system with ease. 

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Node Red


Ubuntu OS




Mosquito MQTT Broker


128GB-2TB Storage

Data Integration

Data integration is a huge part of your success when implementing computer vision analytics into your ecosystem. VisionAery focused heavily on the ease of data integration for our customers. We convert all eventing and telemetry data into what ever form you would like to see it, and then we serve it up to your existing systems. Most commonly, we are converting data into MQTT and sending through customer SCADA systems and email accounts for alerting. However, we can convert data and alerts into what ever form you like it and send it to where ever you want to receive it.


Running in Docker


We know that running on the edge is not always the best fit for everyone. That is why we also are able to run in virtual machines using Docker. this way, you can choose if you would rather run in the cloud, or on the edge in your own device. Our flexibility to run on multiple platforms is one of the reasons VisionAery is so versatile. 

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