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Use AI Analytics From Different Vendors Under the Same Pane of Glass

The world of computer vision AI is growing rapidly, and VisionAery knows that there are a ton of great analytics on the market. That is why we have chosen to partner with the very best computer vision vendors to create a suite of analytics that you can utilize under the same platform. All of the following apps will run on and with the VisionAery platform. ​

How It Works

Even though the analytic may not be created by VisionAery, we are still able to run it on our platform and support it with the help of the analytic vendor. However, VisionAery does not just allow any analytic to run on the platform. We test each analytic to ensure it is up to our standards before we allow our partners to use them. You can expect the same VisionAery quality on all of our third party apps.

Build an Analytic with VisionAery

Work with our Team to Create a Custom Solution for your Use Case 

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