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Automated TCEQ Compliance

The VisionAery flare monitoring solution has been reviewed and approved as an acceptable monitoring tool for TCEQ Flare Compliance. The solution uses the advanced flare tracking and analytics of the VisionAery Flare Monitor to measure the smoke output time over a 2 hour rolling window. If the black smoke output exceeds 5 Minutes, then the event is reported to the customer's environmental team. This makes it easy to track and record events. 

You can also use the flare monitoring solution to mitigate reportable events. You can set up the alarm threshold to be below the reportable limit of the TCEQ so that your team can proactively interfere with that flare's operations and hopefully reduce black smoke output before the 5-minute threshold is reached.


How It Works

VisionAery's Flare Monitoring Solution is designed to empower industries with cutting-edge technology to ensure responsible and compliant flaring operations. By harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence and computer vision, our solution offers accurate detection, intelligent automation, and streamlined reporting, all aimed at mitigating the environmental impact of flaring activities.

TCEQ Regulations

2 Hour Rolling Window

  • The TCEQ Requires that flares are monitored continuously, but the black smoke output is measured against a 2 hour moving window. This means that the 2 hour window must continuously move forward in time during the day, and the black smoke percentage must be measured against this window.

5 Minute Black Smoke Limit

  • The 5-minute black smoke limit is the threshold of black smoke allowed during the 2 hour moving observation window. If the black smoke output ever exceeds 5-minutes during the observation window, then it is considered a reportable event.

98% Recording Accuracy

  • This rule set forth by the TCEQ requires that at least 98% of the flare events that exceed 5-minute black smoke emissions during the rolling 2 hour window be recorded and reported. This allows for only a 2% lapse in reporting these events. The TCEQ can audit flare monitoring operations to see if you are compliant with this standard.

Daily Log

  • The TCEQ requires that operators keep a daily log of flare events and statistics. This will serve as a historical tracking mechanism for flare activity. 

The VisionAery Solution

The Flare Monitoring Analytic

  • VisionAery has created the world's best flare monitoring solution that tracks and alerts on flare size, flare color, smoke size, smoke color, and smoke opacity. All of these metrics can be measured and used for reporting and alerting criteria.

The Flare Dashboard 

  • The Flare Dashboard brings in all of the flare monitoring analytic data points and visualizes them on a graph. The dashboard also has built in smart timers made specifically for the TCEQ regulations and reporting requirements. With the dashboard, you can visualize data and set automated reports and alerts.

Smart Timers

  • The smart timer function of the dashboard allows you to set thresholds for alerting and reporting based on TCEQ requirements. You can set the rolling observation window to be 2 hours and the alert threshold to be 5-minutes, or you can set proactive alerts that alert you when the thresholds reaches your desired alert criteria.

Continuous Monitoring

  • The VisionAery Flare Monitor is a computer vision solution that uses a fixed camera pointed at a flare. Because of this, you will get 24/7 continuous monitoring of your flares. 

Daily Activity Reports

  • Daily reports of your flares activity will be sent to your email. You can customize the increments of this report to show flare activity as frequently as you'd like. Reports are sent as CSV files and include all the necessary data needed to provide to an audit.



2 Hour Rolling Observation Window

  • This requirement is met with the VisionAery smart timer on the flare dashboard.

5 Minute Black Smoke Limit

  • This requirement is met with the black smoke threshold on the flare dashboard.

98% Recording Accuracy

  • This requirement is met with VisionAery' s 24/7 continuous monitoring and tracking set up

Daily Log

  • This requirement is met with the daily CSV reports sent from the VisionAery system.

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