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Flare Monitoring

In an era of heightened environmental consciousness, industries are taking significant steps towards responsible practices and compliance. VisionAery introduces the Flare Monitoring Solution—an advanced AI-driven tool that transforms how companies monitor and mitigate flaring activities. With the EPA Flare regulations as a driving force, our solution is at the forefront of promoting environmental responsibility and operational efficiency.


How It Works

VisionAery's Flare Monitoring Solution is designed to empower industries with cutting-edge technology to ensure responsible and compliant flaring operations. By harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence and computer vision, our solution offers accurate detection, intelligent automation, and streamlined reporting, all aimed at mitigating the environmental impact of flaring activities.

Key Features

Black Smoke Detection

  • Detecting black smoke presence during flaring is a critical capability. Our solution measures smoke size, flare size, opacity, and average color to trigger alerts when black smoke is detected.


  • Customers have the freedom to set customizable thresholds and settings, tailoring the solution to their specific operational requirements.

Intelligent Alerts

  • Elevate your operational strategy with smart timers and custom alert settings. Set parameters to receive alerts based on the duration and severity of smoke emissions, opacity of the smoke, or flare characteristics to allow you to respond strategically.

Industry Compliance

  • Track regulatory data to make reporting to the EPA quick and easy. Also, work with us as we continue to gain EPA Method 22 and flare monitoring approval as an alternative testing method that would allow you to do continuous and autonomous flare monitoring. 


What People Are Saying

West Texas Customer

In Texas we were aloud to start tracking flares using cameras, and this solution fit our ecosystem of technology the best. it works exactly as advertised, if not better.

South Texas Customer

We are working with VisionAery to help create the first EPA approved alternative testing method for Method 22. In the mean time, we get actionable data we can react to, and once VisionAery gets approval, we will be on the forefront of that innovation.

Australia Customer

We needed a solution that could determine Ringelmann scores for opacity data. This solution was the only one that could reliably track that data 24/7 and send alerts when we needed to see them.

edge server 4-min.png

Scalable Compatibility

Our solution offers flexibility in deployment, working seamlessly with both new and existing camera systems. By performing AI processing directly on the edge server, we eliminate the need for extensive hardware upgrades. Whether customers choose to install new cameras or integrate with their current infrastructure, our solution streamlines the adoption process.


Data Integration

With VisionAery, data is easy to integrate with your existing systems. You will have complete control over whether you need to convert the data into a specific format like MQTT, or input the data into your SCADA or Video Management System. Our goal is to be flexible around your systems, not the other way around.

Intelligent Alerts

You will have the ability to set custom alerts and send them to any of your devices. Send alerts to your phone, email, SCADA, VMS, and more with ease. Create custom alerts that help you track key data points that are important to your teams, and completely automate your monitoring with reliable alerting and historical data.

Flare Data Dashboard


Smart Timers and Alerting

We built in the ability for you to set your smart timers so that you never miss when your flares have been smoking for longer then you would like them to. For upstream users, you likely would like to see what percentage your flares are smoking within a 15 minute window. For refineries and manufacturers, you will likely want to see when your flares have smoked longer then 6 minutes within a 2 hour moving window. All set ups are possible with this smart timer and alerting feature.

Industry Compliance

VisionAery works very hard to stay up to date on the industry compliance requirements around flares. We work hand in hand with the EPA to keep our solution up to date and continue meeting the compliance requirements set forth by the regulatory bodies on a national and state level. In fact, we are working with the EPA to create the first alternative testing method for Method 22 that can be done continuously and autonomously using a camera and our analytic. 


Visualization and Historization

To go along with every flare monitoring analytic, we also added a visual based dashboard that allows you to see the flare data from the analytic into a visual graph. These graphs are perfect for any control room monitors as they can easily show trends of flares and any anomalies in real time.

You will also be able to store  this data for up to 5 years as per the EPA requirements for flares in downstream environments.


The Road to Method 22 Approval

Create Data Dashboard

Add Sky Condition Monitor

Begin Testing Solution

Create Testing Procedure


Get End User Sign Up for Testing

Add Weather Sensor

Gain Approval from EPA

Gather Requirements From EPA

Add Flow Meter Data to Dashboard

Create Smart Timers and Alerts

Add Thermal for Pilot Monitoring

Submit Data to EPA for Approval


In Progress

Not Started

Virtual Proof of Concept

Do you want to test our Flare Monitoring solution on some of your own footage? Upload a video using the button below and we will send you the results of our analytic running on your specific use case.


Autonomous Monitoring

As with all VisionAery solutions, they were made to monitor your sites with out any human interface. The flare monitoring solution is no different and it was designed to monitor your flares for smoke 24 hours a day every single day. Because it can run on the edge, you don't even need a network connection to keep the solution running and collecting data. It will run continuously and autonomously 365 days a year.

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